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SSID Reset after powercut

Hi all,

I have in the past configured seperate 2.4 G and 5G networks with unique SSIDs and secure passwords. Additionally moved them to different channels due to overpopulation of the spectrum in my area (most were on channel 6 and channel optimisation on the Virgin router doesnt seem to work - so moved to 11). 

This has all been working fine and good speed through the house for the past 6 months or so. We occasionally get power cuts and router boots back up fine and we carry on. After a power cut Saturday the router came back up but with the defauly SSID and password - i didnt immediately notice as most of my devices still had the details stored so reconnected but i began getting drops to went back into my phone device settings to check and noticed the SSID change. 

Logged back into the Router homepage and assumed the whole thing had factory reset, the admin password had not though and was my own password still. When i went back into Wireless settings, my configured SSIDs split out appeared and suddenly the router started broadcasting them again.

Has anyone else had this? seems like a glitch in the router firmware?

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Re: SSID Reset after powercut

There's a range of odd behaviours been reported relating to wifi on the Hub 3.  Some of these are known issues introduced by firmware updates and that should eventually be resolved, others remain in the "not seen sufficiently frequently to attract a fix" camp.  Chances are you won't see the problem you describe again, although you've got a greater chance of seeing some of the other oddities (like the 5 GHz SSID renaming itself "1", and thus connections are lost).

If funds permit, it's always best in my view to put an ISP hub in modem mode, and buy your own router or mesh.  You have control of the specification, whether to update firmware or not, you have some recourse to the manufacturer, and you'll get better wifi performance.  If you stick with the VM hub as a router, you've got no control, poor support, poor information, and a very low grade router that struggles with any number of connected devices.  If it's a Hub 3 you're using router technology that was modern back in 2013.

You might think "they promised me their best ever wifi, why should I pay for new kit?",  but therein is the problem.  It probably is VM's best ever wifi, but it's still leagues behind any decent commercial product,.  VM have always provided hubs with very basic routers and feeble capabilities.  You're looking at around seventy quid for a decent entry level router (eg TP-Link Archer C7), or around £100 for a decent entry level mesh (eg TP-Link Deco S4).  You can buy cheaper products, but they'll always be compromised in some respect to hit the lower price point - quite often by 10/100 ethernet ports that limit your max connection speed to 100 Mbps.

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