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SH3 Green arrows/base, red arrows/base then red base.

This has been on and off for about 2 weeks. Randomly my SH3 will disconnect from VM, I get a solid red base light, flashing green arrow lights then the arrow lights go to red flashing and the base light goes red. The red phase persists for around 2-4 minutes then the SH3 will either go through the green phase again and back to red as described, or flashing red arrows with a yellowish base light? All while zero connection to inet. After a random amount of time as this, when on the red phase, the flashing red arrows turn off and leave a red base light, I get inet connection, but its very choppy and speed varies greatly minute by minute. Speedtest will show full 80Mbit speed and 5Mbit upload, high ping and very high jitter. Next test will be 3ms ping, 5ms jitter and download speed of 1Mbit and upload of 1Mbit (roughly) and then it'll either start the whole green/red phase stuff again or it will go back to normal until it decides to mess up again. Symtoms are all the same everytime.


What the heck is going on? VM service checker shows the service as fine with no faults.

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Re: SH3 Green arrows/base, red arrows/base then red base.

Hi Maniicc,

Thanks for your post, I'm very sorry to hear you are having issues with your internet connection. I have taken a look into the hub and it looks like your power levels are too low.

I would love to help with this further, to be able to do this, I will need some further information from you. I'll drop you a PM asking for the details I would need. If you can reply to that, I will be more than happy to help.