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Router suddenly down after local outage?

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Hi everyone,

I was looking to see if anyone else has had a similar unusual coincidence to me. Yesterday my area had an outage that took out my internet, and Virgin registered it and sent an engineer to repair it. I had a tex notification that the issue had been repaired, and there is no longer an outage displayed on the web page.

However, my internet still seems to be down. Having tried rebooting and factory resetting, and having run the online checks through Virgin, I'm being told it's a problem with my router or connection and I need an engineer appointment. It seems like a bit of an odd coincidence that there was a local outage, and at the same time my router suddenly became faulty or incorrectly connected.

It's difficult to make myself available for an engineer appointment due to my job, so I'm keen to make sure that there isn't still a local issue first. Has anyone ever known Virgin's outage detection site to be incorrect?

Many thanks in advance. I'm hoping it is still a local issue and it'll be fixed while I'm at work 🤞.


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You can check for a service issue in your street via : 0800 561 0061

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You can check for a service issue in your street via : 0800 561 0061

Ah, you're a star! That phone line does indeed register an outage. I never thought to look beyond the site, as I assumed that it would have the same information as the phone line. I'll have to remember to check both in the future!

Thanks again!

Hi SoDi, 

Thanks for posting this on our Community Forums, sorry to hear you had an issue with your connection a few days ago! 

I can see @Client62 gave you our automated fault line which hopefully gave you all the information you needed at the time 😊 

This number usually has more defined information about your area so it's definitely one to save to your contacts!

Can I ask how things are currently with your connection? 

If you still need help then please let us know 🤩