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Router settings with a mesh system

Hi, we recently switched our broadband from sky to virgin for quicker speeds etc. 

Turns out though that the WiFi signal from the router isn't as strong as the sky one was so long story short I bought a tp-link mesh wifi system. Hard wired the virgin router to the main mesh booster and all seems to be working well with fast speeds all over the house over 3 storeys which we struggled with before. 

Question is whether I should turn off the WiFi capability of the virgin router as the mesh system now does the job of sending the WiFi signal around the house? If so how do I do that or doesn't it matter as all devices now connect to the mesh system with its own log in etc? 

Reason I ask is we kept our TV with sky and their box has randomly began to play up with freezing pictures etc and trying to eliminate the WiFi as an issue and sort a replacement TV box. All has been working well until a power cut a couple of days ago. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Router settings with a mesh system

Depending on the mesh you got put the hub in modem mode
connect any wired devices to the mesh and get a switch if needed.