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Router location


We've just had an engineer come out to fix speed and look at why we can't reach the router from a few locations. He's sorted the speed but said we need to move the router to the middle of the house to get signal everywhere.

We had Virgin installed by an engineer when we moved in. The house was a blank canvas and the previous owners had left their Virgin router connected in one of the bedrooms. We told the engineer he could put it in the best location and he moved the wires and set up our new router and Tivo box in the living room.

The engineer today has said he can't do anything about the reception in rooms and we'd have to either move the router back to the middle of the house and have problems connecting the Tivo OR get boosters. When looking at boosters with the MyVirgin app they say they'd charge £3.50 a month for one booster but we'd need two - one for the kitchen and one for upstairs. 

Has anyone got any experience with this - it's not our fault where the router is and was a decision made by Virgin installation engineer in February 2018. Who do we contact about this? It seems nobody is answering the phone...

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Router location

You can either pay £99 to have the router relocated or purchase a mesh system and put some nodes around the house to provide Wifi signal. 

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