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Router crashes

Hi, over the last week my router has crashed in so much as all but one of my devices will not connect. Currently only my tablet can connect to the WiFi. All my other devices will not connect, ip cameras, Echo dot,mobiles. Devices that connect via the ethernet cable are working fine. The first time this happened on Sunday I had to reset the router to factory settings and re establish the network.Most android devices reported that there was an IP CONNECTION FAILURE. After I reset the router all was fine until a few hours ago when the same problem occurred. It seems to me that the router has developed a fault in so much as it can't maintain a stable connection. Does the router need replacing as I reckon that after I do a factory reset, it will possibly crash again? Anyone else had this issue?


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Re: Router crashes

Hi Jaff66,


Thanks for raising this router issue. I'm sorry it keeps on crashing and you can't connect your devices on it.


I appreciate the effort to reboot your hub, but it looks like it's only giving us a bandage solution.


Since you mentioned  the wired connections are working fine, sounds like it's the hub that needs checking. We can look into it and run further diagnostics so you can use the WiFi properly again. We can do this via online chat.


Let me know how it goes.







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