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Router/HUB wifi connected but no internet on some devices.

Joining in

Hello, I have been a customer of Virgin Media only two days and its driving me up the wall.

The hub 3 is connected fine on my iPhone, tv and playstation 5, On my partners iPhone and my gaming laptop it states the Hub wifi is connected but theres no internet working at all. We have a TP booster for the front room the signal can reach the ring doorbell. 

When I search for networks on my laptop its show my normal network and an EXT line which will be the booster extension. I can connect to the EXT line okay but obviously the speed is terrible. Why wont the internet work on some devices via direct connection to the hub but works fine on others? 

We connected Virgin Media and they are sending a better router with so called better signal so hopefully that should get rid of signal issues, but is there a work around again its not just my laptop its a my partners iPhone too.

Shocking service so far. Speed test on my phone is way over 300 mbps, booster is 8mbps so I need this sorting.



We have used a Hub 3 for several years without connectivity issues on any make of device.
Below are our Wi-Fi settings for the Hub 3 give it a try ...  ( ignore our SSID no need to change that )

WIreless Security






This is sorted now but it took using the newer hub 5 instead and that sorted the lack of signal strength too. Paid nothing extra so it might be worth getting on the phone to vm services. We kindly refused a booster because the don’t really make that much of a difference but the hub 5 is pretty good throughout the house and everything connect as such.


not sure why though people do problems connect to the hub3 and it’s not just a few, why not just give away the hub5 as standard with it being a much better product ?