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Ring Doorbell 4

Joining in

Hi all 

since moving to Virgin from Sky I have noticed our ring doorbell is missing events and is showing RSSI-70 any ideas how to improve this and get the RSSI lower? 





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @benw611,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your connection and your ring doorbell, has this improved since you last posted?

If not, are you having any other issues with your broadband connection, when the events are being missed?

How far away is the doorbell located from your hub, are you able to do a WiFi speed test near the door bell to check how fast the connection is?

I have found some advice on the ring doorbell community page and this can be found here.



Hi Steven 

Still having issues with the RSSI score it’s usually always between -60/-70. All other devices seem to be fine. 

Doorbell is approximately 5 meters away from the hub getting approximately 250MB outside the house with the door shut. 

Any fixes suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Alessandro Volta
Look at getting a better wifi router with 1Gb ports and use hub in modem mode.

In this case @benw611, would you be interested in a wifi pod to improve the service signal for your ring doorbell? You can find all you need to know here You can also place an order there too.


Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Suspect the virgin router just has worse Wi-Fi than the Sky one or you had sky q and had a Q mini closer to the doorbell as they act as repeaters.  Ring doorbells require a very strong Wi-Fi signal.  Almost all issues people have with them are down to poor Wi-Fi.  Exterior walls with all the insulation etc tend to stop Wi-Fi dead in its tracks.  Its usually best to put outdoor ring devices onto 2.4ghz as it has much better penetration of walls etc.  It will probably best to get a Wi-Fi booster (or even one of the ring Chime Pros) and put that halfway between the router and the doorbell.

Hi Akua_A

Thanks for the link, I cant find the area to order one. Please could one be ordered for me? Just to make sure there is no charge for this?


Hi Akua_A

Thanks for the link, I cant find the area to order one. Please could one be ordered for me? Just to make sure there is no charge for this?


Thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some issues with trying to order a pod.

The best way to get a pod order is download the Virgin Connect app, from here do a scan.

If the scan picks up that you need a pod it will allow you to order some.

However they can be chargeable depending what package you on.

They are free on Volt, 1GB or Oomph bundles. 

Please let me know how you get on. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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