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Red light on Virgin Hub.

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I've had a red light, instead of the solid white light, on my Virgin Hub for a couple of days now. Contacted Virgin who advised resetting the hub which I did. The red light continues to be present on the hub so contacted Virgin again. Offshore advised they they would monitor the system for 24 hours. I received a text from them advising that all was ok. Called them back to say that the red light was still present. They advised that I should monitor the hub for a further month. If the red light is still present I should get back to them The problem is that I've red that the red indicator light may mean the hub is overheating. I mentioned this to Virgin and that I was concerned that they might be a fire risk. They advised that there wasn't a problem !? Ant advice would be appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Seamus101,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, with the red light is the Router hot to touch, if not can you try another reset by pushing a pin/ paper clip in the reset hole and keep it pushed in for a full 1 minute.



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Good evening Paul

Thanks for the response. I did what you suggested and after pushing the reset button the hub did go through the motions displaying the green flashing icons during the restart but still ended up displaying a solid red bar where it should be white.

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I'm still having a problem with a solid red bar appearing on my Hub 3. Should be a solid white bar. Have had numerous conversations with (offshore) Virgin (again today) who say they have monitored the system and all is ok. I pointed out to them that a solid red bar may indicate that the hub is overheating. The hub is situated where it has always been so why the red bar?. I suggested that a new hub may be required and voiced my concerns regarding the safety (over heating) of this particular one. It was an all's ok type of answer but if "if it starts smoking / smelling"  then I should get in touch again!!?? Has anyone actually had the same problem?. 

My Hub got the solid red light a few days ago also. Everything is working fine, so Virgin don't appear bothered about it. I am switching my hub off when not at home, incase of overheating. This is not ideal when you use the WiFi for security cameras around the house.

Thanks for the reply. I recently saw an article saying that if the hub is showing a red solid bar (usually white) then it should really be replaced. But as you say in your post Virgin don't appear to be bothered. 

Alessandro Volta

@Seamus101 You'd do best to stick to your original topic on 'Networking and Wifi' rather than multi-posting. The VM forum team don't reply in 'Community Natter' usually and starting a new topic just confuses replies.

One of the VM forum team did reply in 'Networking and Wifi' and they will usually swap a hub with a red light as it is potentially an overheating risk.

Hi Seamus101 👋🏼


Thank you for posting and welcoming you back onto the community forum 😊.


So we can look into this further, I will need to private chat with you. 


Please watch out for the envelope ✉.


Thank you.

Ari - Forum Team

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