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Red Light on Hub 3

Joining in


My Hub 3 has a red light, I have tried resetting the Hub, and done everything else suggested by people on other posts, but nothing works.

Is there any other thing that I can do to fix this light?

Thanks kn advance.



Is my Hub 3 running hot or not ?

It can be the LED is fading or it can an over temperature fault.

To check login in to the Hub 3 menu at   use the numeric Hub password  from the bottom side label.   ( this is not the Wi-Fi password )

Run the Network diagnostic tool

Scroll down through the results and find the Temperature entry.   Is it normal ? 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi BalijaKa7

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

I'm sorry to hear you have a red light on your Hub - thanks for trying all the steps your end firstly.

We'll need to schedule in an engineer visit so the Hub can be replaced if needed.

I've dropped you a PM so I can take the details.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi BaljKa7,

Thanks for providing your details via PM. 

I've gone ahead and booked an engineer visit for you, to view or change the appointment time, you can manage your booking here. Please note that there may be a £25 charge for the visit if:

  • No one is present for the technician visit (aka a missed appointment).
    The fault is due to your own equipment.
    The fault is due to damage caused by someone at the premises which we were not aware of.
    The fault is due to theft, loss, or removal of equipment.

Otherwise, the visit is free of charge.

Let us know if you need anything else and how the visit goes.



On our wavelength

My engineer sorted this for me, he said the last person gave the wrong power lead. The Engineer supplied me with a new Router & cables. (It was bright white afterwards, all fixed)