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Reccomended router for under £200

im gonna out the virgin box into modem mode and buy a seperate router

im getting bombed with what to buy and what not to buy

firstly i want something relativaly easy to set up


also is it better the new router be near the current virgin box or not?

my  requirements are

5 bed  house strong wifi at front of house but not back

2 lads that are constantly playing on xbox live

me on home pc and half a dozen or so ipads in the house too plus the same amout of phones too plus smart tvs and android boxes etc


in total i think its about 40 devices


20 wired 30 on wifi


so high usage really


i used to have a guy who did all this for me but i recently had a row with him and threw him out of the house so id absolutly not wanna call him for help again

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Re: Reccomended router for under £200

I went with Google Wifi. It's £129 per node or £300 for 3. Wifi problems went away after I set the virginhub to modem.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Reccomended router for under £200

You will get a lot of good different ideas and suggestions on here but it would help if you say what your budget is and how technically able you are for setting things up. Also, are the lads using their xbox's on a wifi connection ? If so I would first take the load off that by getting them an ethernet connection - preferably direct (via a switch I guess) or by powerline adapters

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