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Really bad network

Hi . 

I want to report about my bad network and how liar virgin team said .

On last 2 weeks I got suddenly slow network with m100 . The 1 I used for 2 years without any problem .

Network go very slow and up down up down . 

I called for this number : 0800 0643836 (last Friday) . And talked about my problem . They said I have 2 options :

1, upgrade my network 

2, speak with technical team and wait for fix .

I choose first 1 . Upgrade from m100 to m200 . From 32£ to 40£ a months .


BUT it just work good in few hour after upgraded. 

So I called for team next day and talk about that ( last saterday ) .

Team diverted me to technical staff . And after we talk . He said my area was doing something . Network will be good in Tuesday (13/4) .

We know pandemic finish at 12/4 so I back to work like normal .

I finish work at 7pm and at home when I try network it still bad . But I had no time to call for team again .

Today is Sunday.  It mean over 5 days from Tuesdays and network still ....

I used eternity cable for laptop . And network still bad . Even my mobile 3g still faster than laptop ???

Pls if u took ppl money . Do a good job . Don't just ask for money then do nothing. I work whole day . Only night time I can enjoy network and it really shiiit . So angry about service like this .

My accout number is [MOD EDIT: REMOVED]

Check it and do something .




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Forum Team
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Re: Really bad network

Hi @khoai94uk


Thanks for posting this and sorry to hear that you're having some issues 


From taking a look at your account, I can see that you have still got an open work order for a fault, this was meant to be fixed with the date that our agent discussed with you, but it does seem like it is taking longer than expected. 


I can assure you that our team are working on this to get this fixed ASAP and can appreciate this is not ideal. It is meant to be fixed by 21/04/2021, so please do keep us updated tomorrow if your internet is still playing up. 




Sasha - Forum Team

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