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Re: red light on virgin media hub

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My VM hub's normal white on light has been red for the last month. The hub itself is a little warmer around the top. It is in a ventilated area, I have rebooted it, reset it, and turned it off over night after 2 phone calls with VM and the advisor told me to do this. Still no white light has returned. I called VM again, and was told, it wouldn't be ok and leave it - I am not so happy with that, as we work half the week from home, I don't want it to suddenly stop working or overheat! The advisor said, she could send an engineer to look at it, but I would be charged as my internet was working so I declined the engineer. The advisor said the problem would rectify itself.  It hasn't, is this ok to leave, and it will keep working ok? any advice, gratefully received.


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It’s a known fault with hub 3 apparently they will replace it eventually if you persist probably with a refurbished one . Mine was more or less the same and after multiple reset attempts an engineer came . The red light indicates a problem that has occurred even if everything is still working and they are obliged to replace the hub without cost to you .

hope this helps

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Forum Team

Hello kittybibidy


We're sorry to hear of the hub issues and the red light, we appreciate you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to look into this further.