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Random wi-fi drop outs continuing with Hub 3.0

After waiting with bated breath for VM to offer up some magic that would cure my wi-fi anomalies, I’m now slowly loosing the will to live. Despite several help desk contacts I am still experiencing random loss of signal which only corrects if I:

  1. Wait long enough for divine intervention
  2. Reboot my Hub 3.0
  3. Push the WPS button (sometimes)
  4. Reboot our iPhones/iPad (see text)

Since the original post my wife and I have been getting increasingly regular wi-fi drop-outs of our mobile phones, even though my desktop computer shows wi-fi to be on. Download speeds are still generally around 200Mbps so nothing to complain about there. The Hub 3.0 various status screens all appear to indicate everything in order until I run the infamous Network diagnostic tool which tells me, with the ominous red triangle, that ‘Your home network has a few problems’ (specifically when Checking W-Fi Connections). Strange, since I thought that I already knew that. After running Wireless Diagnostics on my Mac I get a report identifying Conflicting Country Codes which tells me that a certain detected wireless router is identifying itself as originating from a country which conflicts with my current settings - WHAT? - and that this may prevent my Mac from automatically re-joining a previously joined Wi-Fi network. It goes on to list my own router as having German heritage!

Can anyone out there help/put me out of my misery?

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Re: Random wi-fi drop outs continuing with Hub 3.0

If you haven't done this already - try it first - it helps sort some Hub3 wifi issues for certain “confused" devices.   Go into the Hub3 settings... (type in  or if in modem mode) into your web browser’s url box) and in "smart wifi" (if you have it)  disable "channel optimisation" - save changes.  Then, go to advanced>wireless>security, rename the 2.4 & 5 GHz network ssid's.  Just change 'em to whatever you like and something that will differentiate them (e.g - xxxxx2 & xxxxx5) -- use the same password  if you like,  Then, save settings and restart the Hub.  Your 2 wifi networks will now be clearly separated - and you can then select the network you want to connect to individually from the "available networks" list on each device.  5 GHz is usually better and subject to less interference (and is better for  iDevices ) than the 2.4 one - although this one has the better "range" and some older/cheaper/dumber devices can only use this one.  Also use a wifi analyser App to check which 2.4 channels are being heavily used around you and move yours to one that is less so.    See if that helps - you will lose the “seamless roaming” benefits but it may not matter and you can always "factory reset" it back if you prefer.

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