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Public IP Address

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I need to perform a task that necessitates remote access to my internal network.

My public IP address is shown as [MOD EDIT: Personal info], and it is currently being NAT'ed. How can I determine the actual public IP address so that I can establish rules from external to internal?




The IP displayed by the Hubs Info page and from the link below are our Public IP as seen by websites and our VOIP provider :

If you perform an nslookup on your public IP it does return your unique customer host name, one can use either to reference your VM connection.

Is there no way to obtain an IP? 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@mikeemike wrote:

Is there no way to obtain an IP? 

You are using a Residential Broadband service, so you get the IP allocated by your provider, which can change. If you want a static IP you will have to move to a Business Broadband service, where you pay to have that facility.

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vI understand that I have a dynamic address because it is a residential line. In the past, I used to receive a unique IP and wasn't serviced through a DNS.


The Public IP that VM allocate to your Hub will remain stable for a long time.
Ours has not changed in almost 5 years.

I have been a residential customer for the past 9 years, so during the various router hub upgrades Virgin must have changed how they allocated the Internet service to the hubs. @Client62 and @nodrogdfor your time and your insights... 👍

Alessandro Volta

There is no change as IP addresses are dynamically allocated by the DHCP server, but each hub often gets the same one for years.

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Thanks for your input, but I 100% sure I used to  get a unique  public IP instead of a dns address. 

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Very Insightful Person

"I 100% sure I used to  get a unique  public IP instead of a dns address" all the VM hub gets is an IP address, it knows nothing of the DNS address. The DNS address for your particular IP address is known to the VM DHCP server which allocates it and registered on the VM DNS servers. If you are using a VM hub in modem mode you should NOT on your internal network refer to your DNS address because all the VM hubs do not support ‘hairpin NAT’. If you are using your own router it is probably available as a setting. My Unifi router certainly supports it.

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