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Problems with WiFi on Superhub 3

For the last few days, I seem to have had some problems with the Wifi on my Superhub 3.

Initially, I had a problem with Alexa connecting. So, as normal, I rebooted the Hub. This eventually came back up however, Alexa still wouldn't connect. I then noticed that my Phone was connected to the WiFi however there was no internet connection. 


Looking on the hub itself, there was one connected device (my harmony hub), but nothing else would connect. A couple of reboots have made no difference.

That evening, everything seemed to be okay and I had about 7 devices connected wirelessly.

The next morning, exactly the same issue.

I have run checks from the Website and no issues have been found.
I have called up and had the Phone system run checks with no issues found.

I have turned WiFi off and back on (although didn't expect this to help!)

Tried to manually set the Channel, changed the Channel width, rebooted various devices at home with nothing seeming to help.

Anything connected by Ethernet is absolutely fine!

Any clues as to what is wrong with my router?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Problems with WiFi on Superhub 3

Hello PieOPah,

Thanks for getting in touch Smiley Happy

Sorry for your connection problems! I've just tested your equipment and noticed that we're working on an SNR issue in your area right now. The fault ref is: F005757030 and we're hoping to have this resolved on the 21st. While this fault is present, you might notice your connection is slow and intermittent.

Sorry again for this, please keep in touch for updates.

Take care.


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