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Problems with Sky Q

Joining in

Hi I recently got upgraded to the Hub 5 and at the same time got Sky Q installed. The Sky Q main box is connected to the hub via Ethernet. Every day the Sky Q comes up that the Internet connection has been lost and I have to reset the Internet connection. I have had Sky out twice but the say there is no fault at the their end and state the problem must be with Virgin. Has anyone else had this problem? Also does the Hub 5 have any power saving settings as I was wondering if this was what was causing it to disconnect, I've logged into my hub but can't see anything obvious. Thanks 



Might be a cable issue,   Instead of resetting the internet ( what ever than means ) try re-connecting the network cable at the Hub end,  then at the Sky Q end and see if that is enough to restart the connection.

Thank you, appreciate the reply. Should have said I have already tried a different cable and different port. I will try your suggestion to see if this resets the connection rather than doing it via the remote. Thank you 


Fibre optic

FWIW Sky Q is notorious for this and seems to prefer WiFi over wired (unlike every other device I've ever worked with). Just cause you have the cable attached don't assume it's the primary network source.

Have a client with SKY Q which I hard wired to BT internet using a Draytek router.

Followed a ton of online FAQs of secret menus, renaming multiple WiFi A/Ps so the SKY Q main box and the minis couldn't connect to the Wifi and forced the more solid cable connection.

Has been solid 99.9% of the time for years, but when it does drop out I have to goto site to do the dance again and get it back online via cable (very rare)

....I personally don't think your issue is a sleeping Virgin box. Check out the Sky Q forums on wired connections and getting into the hidden menu's etc.

Good Luck!

Thank you, really appreciate you taking the time to answer. I've unfortunately seen all the problems on the sky forums and thought the issue was with Sky but just wanted to double check there were no hidden energy saving settings before I go back to Sky with another complaint 

Hi @Iainers 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies in the delay in responding. Since this post have you managed to resolve the issue that you had been getting with your Sky Q box. Has the WiFi connection resolved it over Ethernet?

Please let us know. 


Unfortunately not, I even swapped it to WiFi yesterday and the connection needed reset a few hrs later. 

Hi @Iainers 👋.

Thanks for the update. Do you have any issues with any other devices, or is it solely Sky devices? 


The Sky Q needs manually reset everyday but mobiles etc seem to drop out at least once a day for a few seconds and then reset themselves


Hi @Iainers.

Thanks for getting back in touch. With the mobiles. Is that when they are on the move or staying in one place or at certain parts of the property that would be a distance away from the Hub or on the opposite side of a solid brick wall?

Have you reached out to Sky about the box, also where is the box located. Is it next to the Hub via ethernet or is it in another room using another ethernet port?