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Powerline WiFi booster - Can't get a replacement!

The Powerline WiFi Booster that was issued by the engineer that came to install my internet has all of a sudden stopped working. When I plug it into the wall - no lights, not responsive to any of the buttons, tried a hard reset with no luck etc...

The exact model:

  • Virgin Media WiFi Powerline
  • PG-9072LG-VM
  • Manufactured by COMTREND

wifi boosters.JPGexample of the booster that has stopped working

I need this WiFi powerline so I can cover the blackspot in my 2nd floor in the loft for my study.

I have spent the best part of 3 hours today to try and get this replaced and have spoken to 5 people in 2 different countries with absolutely zero help whatsoever.

I am now told that I have to send the booster I have before Virgin Media can issue me a replacement which IMO is a bit ridiculous as I think I will have 2 wait around 2 weeks or more to get some internet coverage upstairs again.

Has anybody else had issues with this booster? any ideas on how I could get a replacement via a different route?


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Re: Powerline WiFi booster - Can't get a replacement!

the important questions would be these.

1) when did you receive the booster? (date)
2) was it a free gift on joining? or are you paying a monthly fee for it?
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Re: Powerline WiFi booster - Can't get a replacement!

Hi, gs02


Sorry to hear the booster is not working.


Have you spoken to the team since posting? If not, this would be the steps you'd need to take, ie we need to get the other booster back, before we replaced it. 


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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