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Positive results with these settings (2.4Ghz only)

As regular readers of my posts will know, my sister has an ancient laptop.  The wi-fi speed was a bit meh, so I twiddled the router settings.  (2.4Ghz only):

  • Enable 2.4Ghz is ticked (oddly enough)
  • Wireless Mode is 802.11n
  • 5Ghz is disabled as there's no need for it
  • Enable Channel Optimization is ticked

Laptop setting are just set to just 802.11n  and not b/g/n or g/n. (apart from a non negotiable setting)

This has more than doubled the wi-fi speed.

This may or may not work for you, but it's worth a try.  Make a note of your settings then you can put it back to what it was, if this turns out to be total rubbish.




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Re: Positive results with these settings (2.4Ghz only)

Indeed there’s no point having b/g support enabled if you have no b/g devices as you run the risk of your speed being halved on the 2.4Ghz band.

Channel Optimisation is hit and miss and it’s preferable to select a fixed, non-overlapping least congested channel. 

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