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Port forwarding on Superhub 3 — current status?


[update: it seems to be working, so, perhaps, never mind?]

can I get a definitive answer on whether port forwarding on a Superhub 3 works, and if so, how to set it up?

TL;DR: I can’t get manually set up forwarding to work at all.

A few details:

* I’ve just upgraded from a Superhub 2ac — port forwarding worked fine there, but it had other problems...

* I’ve got a Synology NAS on my network which opens ports on the router via UPNP and these seem to work fine. 

* I use a DHCP reservation for my Mac at (via WiFi) and the Synology at  (wired).

* I am mostly interested in ports 22 (ssh) and 5900 (vnc). The ports work fine within the lan (I.e., locally via but not externally.

* I have tried adding the ports in numerical order but this doesn’t seem to matter. 

* I have tried this with both the firewall up and down. 

* the network does have a second router attached by Ethernet and set up in bridge mode (it is old and doesn’t have enough ports or good enough Wi-Fi for me to put the hub into modem mode and use as my sole router). FWIW, it’s an old Apple Time Capsule. 

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