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Port forwarding advice for Hive

Joining in

Hi, there was a 24hr outage 3 days ago in my area (lost tv, broadband and phone) since it gas been restored my Hive hub (heating) no longer works, it is connected to the hub via LAN, I contacted Hive who said I need to enable port forwarding. I rang virgin and the person I spoke to had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, she then arranged for an engineer to come out, he also said it was above his expertise so I'm still no further forward. Has anybody had this problem and been able to resolve it? I've tried resets etc...


Trouble shooter

A real puzzle is why the Hive heating system now needs port forwarding, but prior to the 24 outage it worked perfectly without port forwarding

Port forwarding is performed in the Hub management menus.

I'll post an image below showing what it looks like on a Hub 3.
It may take a while for the image to be available so the navigation in a Hub 3's menus would be :

Advanced Settings >> Security >> Port forwarding




Alessandro Volta

It dose not need Port forwarding you just need a 3rd party router that works and not the coded mind of its own router mode that can be put into modem mode.



I've copied below what Hive asked me to request of Virgin Media.

I have not discovered any sequence of options on the Virgin phone number which will connect to someone able to answer this.

By any chance, could you expand on your answer to give a DIY solution?

Much appreciated if you can.

email Hive sent me after more than an hour on the phone:

In order to further assist, could you please get in touch with your Internet Service Provider and request that they open/forward the following ports in order for the HUB to onboard/connect to the internet:

The ports a Hive Hub requires are:
UDP port 1 2 3 (NTP)
TCP port 4 4 3 (HTTPS)
TCP 5 6 7 1 (AMQPS)

Alessandro Volta
They are outgoing ports you do not need to port forward them use hub in modem mode and get a better router with 1Gb ports.