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Poor wifi connection

Joining in

I have recently joined Virgin Media moving from Sky standard broadband.  I have had nothing but trouble since moving, with both service provided and customer service.  My router in in my living room with nothing blocking it, however my laptop  (which is barely 4 feet away) when working constantly experiences either low band width or unstable internet.  I never had this with my old Sky broadband and its router was shut away in a cupboard surrounded by brick walls.  Trying to get through to someone takes a ridiculous amount of time for them to even respond for it to then feel like you are back to the end of the queue again.  When i do get through I have been told wrong information, lied to and basically told I need to wait.  I was originally told i would be given a Hub 5 however was given a 3 (also falsely sold to me as i said i only wanted to go ahead with the contract if it was a Hub 5 as i had so many horror stories of previous hubs, Sales advisor said it would be a hub 5 that would be sent as that is what they are now sending out)   I was then told one would be sent via whats app, then I was told one is not being sent. Then i was told i need to wait on my wifi pod arriving before i can contact them again regarding the hub.  When running a network diagnostic test through their web page it comes back showing an issue and lists at least 12 items of the 16 connected need to be moved closer to the router.  I feel like i am getting no where and have been falsely sold my package, i have a list of other issues to long to post on here.  I am now sick of switching the router off and turning back as this makes no difference.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Lee7777, thank you for reaching out and warm welcome to the community, I am really sorry to hear this.

I can see you've spoke to the team since this post, did they manage to get this resolved for you at all? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


Try the Hub 3 with these Wi-Fi settings, this is works for us.