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Poor signal

Joining in


I've just had virgin installed last week and although the speed is far higher than my old sky the actual coverage in the house is far worse. Some rooms upstairs it's unusable at times. I'm rather disappointed in this at I thought it would be much superior to my target old sky router.

I used the connect app to scan each room and one room was 3mb another 7mb and another 17mb. All other rooms were above the 30mb.

Do I understand right that I can somehow get some pods sent to boost the signal? I read I can order them from the app but can't seem to find how?


Thanks for any help 



If you still have the Sky Router,  re-purpose it as a Wireless Access Point

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post @Jords79, and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the Wi-Fi range of the router we've provided.

Once a scan is ran on the Connect App, and anything less than 30mb is detected, you should then be prompted to order a Wi-Fi pod.

Can you possibly run a reboot on the router and try scanning again via the Connect App, to see if the offering of a Wi-Fi pod is issued?