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Poor service, internet keeps dropping out.


I work from home and have the 200Mbps service, I cannot download files over 60Mb as the service gets to that figure and then stops.This isn't restricted to one site, it happens across many.

Speed is ok, I get 140 Mbps download via speedtest wirelessly, I'm on a Macbook so don't have ethernet.

On loading webpages (and I mean BBC, ITV, Sky etc...) the page will sometimes load and other times it won't and it shows a DNS error. On contacting Virgin Media today they inform me that there is a problem local to me (in Area 01, Bootle, Meseyside) and it is likely that the fault will not be fixed until late August 2016. 

As Virgin are the UK's 'leading' provider of home entertainment and communication packages I find this totally unacceptable, would this give me grounds for disconnection under services not fit for purpose?

Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Poor service, internet keeps dropping out.

Hi terrierist,


Thank you for your post to alert us that your broadband seems to be having drops and wont load pages, I know this can be annoying so apologies for any bother.


I've had a look at things from here and it would seem that your area cable is affected by some load issues, especially during peak times. We're planning to undertake some upgrades to parts of our external network in your area in order to combat this.


The upgrades will be to improve bandwidth and performance during the peak hours, the reference number for this is F003633901 and is currently scheduled for review around the end of August.


Should you wish to bump the thread in the mean time, we'll gladly check for any progress updates for you.


I have sent you a PM (Purple envelope at the top) outlining your credit options for this.


In regards to being connected via the wireless when the pages wont load, you can try and change some of the wireless channels to see if that improves performance for you.


Speak soon,



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Re: Poor service, internet keeps dropping out.


You are experiencing the same issue same as myself and lots of others in this area m8, make sure that you make a complaint to VM, the complaints team are really nice, they will offer you a rolling credit but more importantly they will allow you to cancel with no penalty which they did with me, I get my BT line fitted in 2 weeks then I am taking them up on that,I have been with them over ten years but enough is enough, this has gone on since last year and there is no guarantee they will fix it in august, not only that they are still adding users to this over utilised part of the network too so it is actually getting worse.

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