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Poor service 1gb Hub4 Only 2.1mps

I never had a useable wi-fi signal from my 100pms hub3 so went to cancel when the contract ended. I've always used my unlimited data mobile hotspot with Vodaphone to get wi-fi in my office as Virgin is so poor. I was advised by Virgin that the 1gb hub4 with booster pods and an engineer visit would fix all my problems. The engineer came today. He didn't bring any booster pods and was not trained to fit them. He also wasn't trained to fit a hub4. He tightened loose wire connections in the box on the wall and slowed my speed down as it was running too fast which he said would lead to drop outs. I installed the Hub4. The Virgin Connect app does not work with the Hub4! My problem is that I still hardly get any wi-fi in my office, 8m away from the hub4 in line of sight. 2.1mps is all I get! I obtain 25.7mps on my4g mobile hotspot so still have to use that. My neighbour's BT signal is stringer and he is over the road! Qs How do I get the booster pods I was promised as you need to order them in the app? Do I just cancel this expensive virgin contract £62/month, or is there a trick to actually to get it to work? Please help!

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