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Poor internet connection

Hi there, 

I am a newbie in these things and I would appreciate your suggestions. I have recently moved into a new accommodation and I have very poor signal/internet speed in my room. The agency is very slow to take action, and this led to my exasperation. Apparently, they had someone from VM in to check the internet speed of the router and it reached 55mbps, but I usually have 11mbps (at best!) in my room ( I have measured as low as 0.64mbps download on a Saturday afternoon). I assume I might need a wi-fi extender, but as the agency barely takes action, I would like to sort it out myself.

 I was wondering, if I contact the people from the opposing flat, who have the rooter, can I set up a Wi-Fi extender. What exactly would I need for that, and would this work? 

Many thanks,


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Poor internet connection

The simplest solution might be to connect a wireless access point to the Hub by cat6 ethernet cable and position it more centrally in the property. The "Ubiquiti" range is well thought of on here. It would also need plugging in to the mains but could get its power if you also get a "power over ethernet injector" - as the VM Hubs do not provide P.O.E natively.

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