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Poor connection

I have been with virgin since I moved into my property in 2014.  For the last 2 years I have worked from home and the WiFi is so unreliable. It constantly drops and even when I hard wire into the router it still doesn’t always work.  I can be on my own in the house with no one using devices and it still is super patchy.

I have tried contacting virgin who say nothing is wrong.  I have replaced my router with a new one.  Tonight my son could not play his PlayStation as the signal was constantly dropping and I can’t get x3 on teams at the same time.  I am on m100 which should be enough for x3 working from home.  Done a test tonight and speeds good. Help!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Poor connection

Replaced the hub with what router?

Did you put the hub into modem mode?

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