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Poor connection - provider change

Joining in

I moved from Sky to Virgin and got a very poor wifi connection at home. Sometimes to get connection I need to turn off wifi setting on my iPhone to use SIM data. Tried to restart wifi plenty of times. Virgin Customer care is not easy to reach and I end up with endless waiting on the phone through automated voice. Is there a way to get out from contract without penalties? What is the best connection provider in London? 



I read this often when the VM Hub is installed in quite a different location to the previous Sky Router or the customer omits to mention they has a ISP Router plus a multi node Wi-Fi MESH from Sky / BT etc and have yet to re-configure or to replace it for use with the new VM Hub.

Is the problem one or more Wireless Repeaters / Access Points  or a Router Mesh are needed to provide the level of WI-Fi coverage suitable for you size and construction of property ?