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Poor Wifi Signal and Low wired connection speed

Hi I recently had the Hub 4 installed for what should be the awesome 1Gigabyte wired fibre broadband speed. However following installation I was lucky to get anywhere between 20mbps and 200mbps give or take a slight difference. I called VM and spent literally what seemed like days on hold before being told they had some run some tests and found a fault on my line. The rep arranged for an engineer to attend the following day. He made a few adjustments, told me he had sorted the problem, quickly swept his phone across my face which showed really good wireless speeds before talking about completing a survey. Whilst this was happening I tried to run my own speed test using a wired connection but was persuaded to let things settle before he left promptly. He did however advice getting WIFI boosters from VM. So a short time later I call VM once again and ask for these boosters. I'm practically told they don't have the facility or authority to order and dispatch any. I then find things are worsening and run VM very own diagnostic tests which advices there is a problem with my internet. I call yet again and am told there is a problem in my area, which is not reflective on there website. However I take this advice before calling again after no improvement. When speaking with this rep they tell me according to there knowledge there has been no reported faults in my area. I again try asking for boosters and eventually told she couldn't find out how to order them. This time I start posting messages on social media and get pretty much immediate responses. Im advised my line will be monitored for the next thirty days, which isn't any good for me if they cant fix the problem because Ill be stuck in a contract. I again ask for boosters and this time Im told they are low on stock and I'm directed to a forum to continue the chat and told they would help resolve my issue. Im never able to respond through the forum and never get any further contact from VM. I'm fed up, paying for internet which is even able to cope with watching a programme with out intermittently dropping connection etc. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Poor Wifi Signal and Low wired connection speed

So what are your wired speeds?

What cable spec and device are you testing with?

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