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Pod question

On our wavelength

Have received a wifi pod and set up as per instructions.

I have quite a few devices, smart plugs, camera`s, Smart Tv`s etc.

When I look at the VM Connect app, it shows 23 devices connected in total. ...... 9  to the hub , and 14 connected to the wifi pod.         so...23 total. 

However, when I log onto the hub  .... it shows  32 devices connected wirelessly, ( the pod itself being one of them. )

Obviously something is not adding up  ..      Anyone any idea what`s going on ?


Any help appreciated       Thanks. 


Accepted Solutions

Community elder

Wired devices?

If the connection speed shows as 1000 or 2500 then they are wired to the HUB.

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Community elder

Wired devices?

If the connection speed shows as 1000 or 2500 then they are wired to the HUB.

Hi Carl, thanks for reply.

There is actually 33 devices connected on hub view,,, but I didn`t mention the ONE that is connected by ethernet cable  ( at 1000 as you said)   .........    The 32 was just referring to the ` wirelessly ` connected devices .

So basically,,, hub shows 32 wireless devices total ,       Pod /App shows 23 wireless devices total. 

Do you know how many devices you actually have?

Lol...  I`m assuming 33.   

It`s hard to actually identify them by name, as quite a few oft them are smart plugs,,,  So trying to trace the MAC numbers shown, in order to rename the devices is almost impossible, as when trying to   trace via mac number lookup,,,it usually just shows some chinese company, hard to identify which are plugs and which are cameras. 

Having said that, I have managed to identify and name my 3 Echo shows, 1 Ring doorbell,  2 Ring Cameras. PC (ethernet) and my printer.   The naming of them doesn`t really bother me,,  It`s just knowing why app shows 9 devices  less  than the hub does. 

aaaah ha   !!       I think I may have discovered why.

Years ago when I first got Ring doorbell , I had problems with it,  Someone suggested setting up a Guest network,,  I can`t remember how I did it, but it seemed to solve the problem at the time. 

So,,,   When I look at the hub view...      Although it shows 32 wireless devices connected,  9 of those are showing as connected via the `Guest` network,        so that would tally up  ... 9 +23 =32.  ( plus 1 Ethernet).

So it appears to be that the pod/app doesn`t list ` guest` connected devices.

Does that make any sense Carl ? 

Yeah, assuming VM haven't coded the page that lists the devices to display the 'Guest' network on the app.

Definitely nothing on the app showing as " Guest" .      It just shows icons for     "Hub3".......and  " Wifi pod"  with the number of devices connected to each showing.    No `guest` .   

I mean,,, Guest is still `part of `  my network,  so I`m surprised it doesn`t show. either as it`s own icon, or at least with the increased number of devices ( 9 )  added to the " Hub3 " total.      If that makes any sense.   lol