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Plug in booster from network splitter?

Hi All - Is there any way to boost wi-fi signal via splitter?  Tried Powerline and similar but they have been problematic so...

1) Mid-Terrace house.  Wifi Problems with TV/phone/tablets ground floor front. 

2)Router is installed  first floor back (my preference for various reasons).

3)Ran cable from Router to ground floor front and installed network splitter for TV and laptop (this works brilliantly).

4)Is there a wifi fitting that I can plug into the splitter to create reliable wifi signal for tablets/phones in problem area?  

As always, any advice appreciated.

Regards - BobT

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Plug in booster from network splitter?

Look at the Ubiquiti range of wireless access points they "should" be ok on a splitter - will need power too - they can get it by P.O.E. if your splitter delivers that (the Hub doesnt) - or they have to be plugged in too.

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