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Plex and Chromecast no longer working after upgrade to Hub 4

Tuning in

I have Plex Server installed on my desktop PC, and I use the PS5 Plex app to watch downloaded shows on my main TV. My desktop is connected to the network via WiFi and my PS5 via ethernet cable directly into the router.

I had no problems doing this with my Hub 3 router. In fact, it all worked perfectly fine. If I wasn't using my PS5 app, I would use my Chromecast to stream content from my Plex server to the TV.

I was recently upgraded from a Hub 3 router to a Hub 4 router as per Virgin's request. Since then, I'm unable to connect to Plex from my PS5 app, and I can't play it via my Chromecast either. In fact, I can't stream anything via my Chromecast anymore, which is really frustrating because Plex is one of my primary ways of unwinding and decompressing.

And yes, I've connected all my devices including the Chromecast to the new WiFi router, reinstalled all of my apps and upgraded everything to the latest versions. AND I've restarted my hub and my computers.

I've contacted Virgin Media via Whatsapp twice. The first time they said it was a known issue their side and that I'd hear back within 7 days of a fix. It's been 10 days and I've not heard a peep. The second time they have decided it's a problem on my end instead and suggested sending an engineer to look at the problem. But I have low confidence.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? And were you able to resolve it?

Any help or even just a shared experience would be a great relief right now. Thank you!



The change of Hub will have resulted in a change of IPs for all your devices. 
Do you need to make some adjustments to cater for this ?

Hi @Client62. I'm aware that the IP will have changed but it shouldn't affect anything in Plex/Chromecast that I'd need to adjust. In fact, I usually run a VPN on my desktop PC and never have any problems.

Community elder

Does your PC have a static IP set?

Can you access Plex from a web browser on the PC and another device with a web browser?

Hi. Yes, it does. Can confirm I'm able to access Plex from a web browser on the PC and from my Android phone. I can also access it via the Plex app on my phone but am unable to cast it to my TV.

Community elder

Do you have any pods or WiFi extenders in use?

Is the static IP set on the PC or in the HUB?

My PC has a static IP address. I ran `ipconfig /all` in Command Prompt and the DHCP enabled line said NO.

I'm not sure about the hub though. I went into the admin dashboard and looked at DHCP settings. It says DHCPv4 server is enabled.

Also, no Wifi extenders or pods, just the hub itself.

Sorry I was looking at the wrong part of the output. My PC's WiFi adapter/card has DHCP enabled as well, so I don't think it's static. Apologies for the confusion.

Alessandro Volta

new hub not liking your stuff you may have to get your own router and use hub in modem mode