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Please help me select a router

In have the Virgin Hub 3 and have been having some serious issues with the wifi. The ethernet connected devices have a flawless connection. So it's not an internet issue.

I read online and also on this subreddit that the Hub 3 is really underpowered and infamous for bad wifi. So the natural answer is to switch the hub to modem mode and connect a great router to it.

I've looked at lots of different routers listed on Amazon but I'm having a lot of trouble selecting a router. What I'm after is a router that can handle 12+ wireless devices (smart devices, laptops, phones, etc) at once and cover multiple floors.

The two most important factors are:

  • Wifi range

  • Number of simultaneous devices

Please can you share the routers that you think will suit this best?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Please help me select a router

A decent TP-Link or ASUS router will be fine.

Or a mesh system if you need to extend wifi reach further.

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