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Pay for 500mb/s router capped to 350mb/s?

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Recently upgraded a few weeks ago and seem to only get 350mb/s download even though in the first week I got 500mb/s download. This was the same both wired and wireless.

I feel that I need a new hub as the hub 3 is shocking, would it be worth getting 1 gig deal just for the newer hub and hopefully the faster speeds?

I currently have the hub in modern mode with the archer c80 which is decent. I did try the hub with 2 wifi pods, but wifi drops out often and feeling that using the archer is better. Does anyone have thoughts on this from there exprience?

Thanks in advance


Community elder

What are you using for testing?

What does this site show?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @satuo8 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies you are having speed issues with your Hub. I see you have it in modem mode and the router that you have bought is compatible with the Hub that we have supplied you with. Can I ask, have you tried connecting the two as an extension of our Hub in router mode rather than modem mode and ran a speed test?

Please let us know.