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Pausing devices

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I am on the virgin media connect app with the hub3 and previously been able to pause devices but now not able to do it. 

Tried re installing the app and re boot of the hub. Iv just un paused one so that works but when I try to pause one it just spins like it's buffering 

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Thats great but any news on the main issue being able to pause devices so I can let the children use the Internet to the capacity I would like them to be able to do so.

We are still working on this issue with the teams @Whalley85 I'm so sorry we do not yet have an update but we are doing all we can to get this resolved. 


As soon as we have an update we will let you know via this thread. 


Thank you. 

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I have the same problem and it utterly frustrating and zero help from VM

Hi apparently iv heard that the hub5 works still with this its the hub 3 that's the issue.

How do I get a hub 5?

Hi @Rajk25 and @Whalley85 thanks for your posts.

I'm sorry that the App still isn't letting you pause devices - as we've previously mentioned, we're working on getting this sorted for you ASAP.

In terms of the Hub 5, if you're upgrade to the 1GB network then you will be able to get the Hub 5. If you call us on 150 / 0345 454 1111 our team will do their best to help.

Many thanks


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It’s been quite sometime for VM to resolve this issue, if it continues and unable to resolve then VM should consider upgrading those affected with Hub3 to the latest Hub.
it is not acceptable for VM to recommend we upgrade to a 1GB package to resolve this issue. 

On our wavelength

And how much extra does this cost? I think its unacceptable and maybe this is why there is no urgency to resolve the issue. A hub 5 should be issued as a matter or good customer service and no need to upgrade to 1g. 

My thoughts on the situation now is that VM are not bothered now as I'm tied into a contract, and have no intention to resolving the matter at hand. If they did they would temporarily issue a hub 5 until they can sort the issue, this is leaving me unable to use the service to its full extent which is what I signed up for. 

The customer service is becoming beyond a joke now and can't even speak to a person to even see about what can be done .

We do appreciate your frustration Whalley85.

We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. 


When is issue going to be fixed? I have a son with asd so this is the only way he will come off his tablet, I have had to switch the hub off instead which is a nuisance. 

Been a month now since I joined this thread and still nothing resolved.

With regards to being in contract I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t hold up in court should you opt to leave early and not pay a fee.  A contract works both ways and at the moment VM are not, in my opinion, fulfilling their side of the contract in terms of product provided fulfilling what is advertised and being fit for purpose and their customer service is practically none existent.