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Pausing device

Joining in

Last night I paused my sons android tablet on the VM connect app, now unable to unpause the device, everything with VM is just a pain in the arse.



If your son has a device with Android 8 or later, enabling the MAC Address Randomisation option allows him to evade Pausing in seconds !

I'd suggest not using pausing at all, folks regularly cause chaos & block everything from their own mobile, work laptops & heating systems.  Very soon someone will block their Tesla from the EV charger !

The following notes are based on a Hub 3 as that is what we have and if you have a Hub 4 or 5 the same approach, but the navigation may differ a little ...

Disable MAC filtering to re-enable Paused devices

Login to the Hub's menus at

1) Advanced settings >>> Wireless >>> Security

   1.1) then set Wireless MAC Filtering to Disabled

   1.2) "Apply changes"
2) Advanced settings >>> Security >>> MAC Filtering

    2.1) then delete all entries in the MAC filter list

    2.2 Enable Always on

   2.3) "Apply changes"