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Paused Devices STILL BROKEN - 2 years on..........

I CANNOT believe absolutely nothing has been done about this on the VM Connect app - do VM simply not care about quashing bugs or they just cannot be bothered????


This was reported in October 2018 ( ) and yet here we are in July 2020 and the bug is STILL there - its a joke......😠

Yes there is a workaround (by logging into the Hub's admin page and removing the device from the MAC Filtering section) but this is not the point - the average user would not know how to do this.

If VM provide an app wherein you can pause a device then it stands to reason that the same device can be un-paused from THE VERY SAME APP (I paused a device last night and it dropped off the app within just 3 hours)........🙄



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Re: Paused Devices STILL BROKEN - 2 years on..........

Likely the firmware team and App team are blaming each other as to whats wrong and so its not being fixed.

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Re: Paused Devices STILL BROKEN - 2 years on..........

Might be that Virgin simply outsourced that app and now they've been paid they don't want to pay the same or another company for bug fixes. 

The easiest solution is to pretend that the app doesn't exist. 

If you require such settings that are easier to use than the web interface on the router then buy another router with an app that actually works. 

I know you are going to say "I shouldn't have to", but it's a lot less stressful than trying to use the app... 

[My OH went a different route, if people were found online when they shouldn't have been they lost the online ability for the rest of the week! Cruel, but it only had to happen once. They got the message.]