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Packet loss, slow speeds, dropping connection

Tuning in

For the last week I've had consistent packet loss ~10%, as well as reduced upload speeds and problems maintaining a connection. I am on the 500MB package.

The virgin service-status page reliably shows "there are no faults in the area", however if I call customer services they confirm a "known fault in the area", and I'm given the same generic, canned-text assurances that they are doing everything to fix the issue.

It has been nearly a week now. My upload speed is < 10% of the advertised speed, making WFH problematic. I am logging my complaints here as it appears to have prompted a resolution in the past for other users.

Attachments are not embedding correctly. See next comment for screenshots of TBB Monitors and Speed Test.



Tuning in


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi stom,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, back, sorry to see you have been facing Packet loss, slow speeds, dropping connection, I was able to locate you on our system with the details we have for you and can see there there is a potential fault however there are no updates at the moment, have you tried running further check VIA your Online Account?



Hello Paul,

Thank you for your reply and for looking into my issue. To clarify, I have checked my online account multiple times, and the current service status on the website consistently reports that there are no faults. However, when I have contacted customer support, I have been told that there is a known problem in the area.

I have already raised a complaint via customer services, as it seems that the service status page is not accurately reflecting the current network status. Unfortunately, despite reporting the issues on multiple occasions (on 23rd, 24th, 27th, and 30th April), I have yet to see any resolution to the problems I am experiencing.

While there have been brief periods where the packet loss has disappeared, the issues have persisted, and my upload speeds remain poor. As someone who needs a reliable internet connection to work from home, this has been very disruptive.

Could you please provide me with a realistic timeframe for when this issue will be fixed? I would also appreciate any information on where I can check the status of this fault. The generic response of "24-48 hours" given by customer support doesn't seem to be based on any factual information, and I am eager to receive a reliable update on when my services will be fully restored.

Many thanks,


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Tom 👋


I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing some issues with your service. I've taken a look on our side and can see there is currently a known problem in your area. The details are below.


Fault Type: SNR (Signal-To-Noise)

Fault Reference: F010664272  

Estimated Fix Time: 10 MAY 2023 09:00


Our teams are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue, and we're very sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Reece - Forum Team

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Tuning in

Hello Reece,

Unfortunately, the estimated fix time of May 10, 2023, has now elapsed, but I am still experiencing packet loss, latency spikes, and reduced speeds intermittently. These issues have been ongoing for several weeks now, and it's frustrating that they haven't been fully resolved yet.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with an update on when the issue will be fixed. Is there any information you can give me about what's causing the continued problems, and when I can expect them to be resolved?

Many thanks

Hi @stom,

I am very sorry to hear that these issues are ongoing for you. I've checked the fault for updates, and it appears that the current estimated fix date/time is now approximately 9am on May 15th.

If the issues continue beyond this, please let us know and we can take another look.



Zach - Forum Team
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Tuning in


Thank you for your response, I appreciate the update. However, I would like to understand why I should have confidence in this new timeframe when previous estimated fix times have elapsed without resolution.

I have been experiencing these issues for several weeks, despite assurances from both telephone and forum support that the problem is being worked on. While I understand that these things can take time, it is frustrating to have to continually deal with the consequences of an unreliable internet connection.

I hope you can appreciate my scepticism and understand that I am eager to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Hi @stom thanks for your reply here.

We appreciate it is frustrating when there are repeated pushbacks - sadly after checking today, it seems that this has happened again so I'm sorry to bring you this news today.

The new ETA for a fix time on this issue is 19th May @ 13:00. Hopefuly this is the last pushback received but do come back here around this time and we can clarify further.

Many thanks


Tuning in

Hi Tom,

Thank you for letting me know about the new estimated fix time. While I appreciate the update, I must admit that I am disappointed to hear that the issue has been pushed back once again.

I have already experienced several delays and setbacks, and the continued uncertainty around when this issue will be resolved is causing me significant frustration. I understand that technical issues can be challenging to resolve, but it would be helpful if there were more transparency and clarity around what is causing the issue and what steps are being taken to address it.

I'm concerned that the issue has been ongoing for so long and that there have been multiple delays in resolving it. Can you provide any additional information about why this has been happening and what steps are being taken to ensure that this won't happen again in the future? I would appreciate any insights you can provide to help me understand the situation better.

I hope that this new ETA is the final one and that the issue will be fully resolved on May 19th. However, given the previous setbacks, I remain somewhat sceptical. I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated on any developments or changes to the estimated fix time.

Thank you.