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Packet Loss

Tuning in

Hi.  I'm hoping someone can help as I dont seem to be getting anywhere. 

Both my wife & I work from home so heavily dependent on internet/broadband.  For well over a month we've been  having issues on video calls whereby we freeze (but continue to see / hear them & no better if switching to audio only), or get messages that no longer able to connect to content / web pages when working online.

I contacted a VM rep to be told they can see no issues and maybe upgrade my line (we have 250MB fibre and not had any issues in 3 years, and no change in usage!).  I told the VM rep I can see packet loss (~7%) using the VM tools and error log messages.  They suggested it might be the home WIFI despite assurances this was tested via two separate laptops using ethernet direct into the hub.  Only on pushing was I informed an engineer would be in touch - but havent heard anything in over two weeks. 

I can see others have posted screen shots of diagnostics so have provided similar below and hope someone can help.



Thanks, Mark



Unfortunately I'm unable to help with your issue, I don't have a clue about any of this stuff so that puts me on par with the support staff manning this forum. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

When was the last time your Hub was rebooted?  There are too many T3 timeouts in the Upstream stats and these may be historical.  If you reboot the Hub and check if these are rising.  If so, it would point to an US issue for VM to fix.

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Tuning in

Hi Adduxi.  Thanks for responding. I’ve rebooted the hub many times (complete power down) but to no effect. When having the original issue, I could see T3 error references continually going back to August.  I’m also UK based.  Whilst appreciating you do not represent VM, do you know if the error is typically linked to the hub, damaged cables or something in the local area?  I also assume no choice but to try calling a VM rep again to convince them do something about it? M


First call 0800 561 0061 - use the automated service to see if there is a local service issue.

Verify the actual packet loss, run the VM Hub and Device test yourself...

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see packet loss / jitter latency / upstream speed

Post a screen shot of the results.

Tuning in

No reported local service issues.  VM Ping & SamKnows RealSpeed test results are as follows:





I redid the SamKnows test (within a couple of minutes) as I could see poor stats for Router Upload speed in the first test. 


I hope this helps.

Thanks, Mark

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Mark273.

Thank you very much for joining our Community.
Can I just apologise for poor service you are having.
We can run a few tests from here and check on your equipment.
Sadly its not showing anything wrong, One of the upstream channels is a bit off though. So I will need to send you a private message to gain account access and run further tests.
If you can check the envelope top right of your screen that would be great. 


Thanks for those account details Mark273.

Can you please let me know how the visit goes.


Hi Gareth.  The Engineer came as arranged.  He swapped out the Hub3 for a Hub5 on the basis one of the connectors at the back had 'play' in it.  He also checked and cleaned all the connections from the hub to the box outside the house and to the Junction box on the street.  He also up'd the average signal strength across the board. Having compared tests run from immediately before the visit to those after the changes, the volume of upstream T3 timeouts has gone from an average of ~20 per channel (see previous diagram) to just 1 occassional timeout across the different upstream channels. diagnostics still says there is packet loss on occasions and a DOS ping shows the occasional 'request timed out' but only single instance rather than multiple each time.  The good news is that, further to yesterday's visit, I have not experienced any interruptions to the services as I had previously.  Grateful if you could confirm if occasional 'timeouts' are to be expected and will look to provide a further update in a couple of days.  Regards, Mark

Hi @Mark273,

Thank you for the update on this. I'm really glad to hear that this has now been addressed and resolved for you, with no further connection issues occurring.

If you do encounter any further issues with the service or have any additional concerns, please do let us know.


Zach - Forum Team
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