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Packet Loss with Low Utilisation

Tuning in

Hi VM Community

Basics -
Upto 250MB down / 25Mb Up
Router - Netgear XR700 (SH3 Used as a Modem) (No QOS Enabled)

Issue - 

The issue i have is when the traffic is around 20MB down or more, I see heavy packet loss
I don't understand if we are meant to be getting 'upto' 250mb why such low utilisation would cause heavy loss, surely this is why we pay for the higher BW packages?

There isn't a pattern of times when this happens but seems like everytime we breach above 20mb ish down.


Any help is appreciated? 




On our wavelength

Not sure about the packet loss. Have you tried the to see if you're seeing the same packet loss on there too? 

Make sure you're measuring both speeds in the same rate rather than Mb/s vs mbps

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi adotmccann

Thanks for posting - sorry to hear of any broadband issues. Done a system check today, no issues or outages showing at all. No issues with congestion or SNR either. Can you pop the hub in router mode for me so we can run further checks? Let me know when done 🙂


Forum Team

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