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Packet Loss during any hour, but internet completely fails every day at 14:00

Tuning in

Hi All,

I've had problems now for about 2 months with packet loss and complete failure at 14:00 every day.
I'm using WIRED! not Wifi so no amount of extenders you send will help.
Cables have been changed, used different PC's
Ive had the hub replaced with the latest one (With the 2.5G LAN port)

But still,
Packet loss during the day and night. Without fail, every day at 14:00 the internet completely goes off.
It starts off with a small amount of loss, then total outage, then back again after about 10 minutes.

The engineer said to keep an eye on the Downstream channel errors.
They were at zero after a reboot. and then at 14:00 exactly they rocketed while it was off.

How can i get this fixed. Support don't seem overly interested and the engineer who replaced the hub obviously didn't see issues because it wasn't broke at the time...






Its been not great for a while now.

The last few nights I've had outages, but since last night its calmed down.

Even latency has got  a bit better.
Previous days have been rubbish. Outages every 8 hours and bigger outages every night at midnight.




Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, UKG.
Thanks for all the posts and updates, from our last checks there don't seem to be any outages present currently and your service looks ok.

Could you please pop us a new update and tell us if the problems have resolved or you still need some help?

Forum Team

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