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Outside cable box damaged

Joining in

Hi, my house to cable box, file, weathered and broken. Where can I order a replacement please?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey bb001272, thanks so much for joining our help forums and a warm welcome to the VM community.

We're sorry to hear there is a damage on the box that links our cable services to your property, can you please confirm if your account and services with us are currently active and how this affects your service, if so?

Is it the wall mounted box outside the house or our street cabinet that's linking to the property that's worn off and need replacing, just to be sure?

Please, let us know and we're eager to assist.

Forum Team

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its the wall box on the house. We don’t have an active account with you I’m afraid but was told that I still need to enquire through yourselves?




Hi @bb001272 thanks for your reply, understood.

It can be a little more tricky if you're not a customer with us to arrange the replacement but firstly just to confirm, are you able to provide a photo of the box itself so we can send look to send this to the relevant team to look into?
We can do the rest via PM once this is sent over to get your address details.

Many thanks