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Outage then Upgraded Home Wi-Fi E-mail

I lost my broadband this afternoon for about 5 hrs, Hub 3 wouldn't get a connection ( green bar at bottom, flashing connecting arrows )

I phoned Virgin about an hour in, and they decided their network was ok and my Hub3 was almost 3 years old and probably needed replacing.  They would send out a new one out that would arrive Tue next week ( so much for the Homeworks next day fix )

Then magically it fixed itself, and not long after I got an e-mail with "We’ve been busy upgrading our Intelligent WiFi tech to give you our most reliable WiFi experience with your Hub 3."

So was this a firmware update or something that caused my Hub to be offline for 4 hours?  I work from home - so ended up having to burn half a day of holiday as I couldn't work.

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