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Orbi rbk850 and Virgin Hub 5 "Internet disconnected" regularly

Tuning in

Hello there!

I've been researching online and within this community for some time, but I am unable to determine why my Orbi reports "Internet disconnected" followed by "Internet connected" every hour or so (sometimes 2 to 3 times within an hour). When this occurs, all connected devices lose their connection for upto 20 - 30 seconds. However, anything connected directly to the virgin hub 5 doesn't lose its connection, nor does the hub log have any entries at that time. Ethernet logs confirm the loss of internet too, but the hub 5 remains connected, or at least I don't experience dropouts. The hub logs are clear too.

Everything has worked fine for the last year since purchasing the Orbi. It seems to have started in October. I'm on the 1 gig connection, tried in modem mode and router mode, but the same behaviour persists. I've also tried the Orbi in AP mode with the hub 5 as the router - same result. I've reset both to factory a few times, I've followed the setup sequence, but this behaviour continues.

I just don't know what has changed. There was a hub 5 firmware update in October - could this have something to do with it.

I've exported the Orbi debug logs and grepped through the files for the timestamps, and I do see acknowledgement of the internet going down, but I don't know why. Even though I don't subscribe to armour or circle, I do see those processes outputting logs at those times.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



Tuning in

The router is an rbr850, the set is with satellites is called RBK853

Also I think we can close this issue, as I purchased a second-hand router, and it does not have any issues, so it is not an issue with Virgin!