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Options after my contract discount is up?

Joining in



next month is our final month with the contract discount, and the price is going to double what it is now, which we don’t want to pay. I was just wondering what our options are, I’ve found competitors that are doing the same speeds for over £20 cheaper a month so it’s likely we’ll leave Virgin to join another, so how soon can I cancel my contract. Can it be as soon as we pay the last month of the discounted price? 




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You have to cancel with 30 days notice so just work backwards.

When you call in to cancel they will offer you a better deal to stay.  What that is will depend on many things - particularly... how serious is your "threat" to leave.  If they believe you you will get a better deal so be armed with all the info on competitors offers.

See this old thread and see Andrew’s comments in message 6 re Contract renegotiation JFYI


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Thank you for the advice!