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Opening Ports

I have been trying without success to open a port on my Hub 3.0 to allow remote access to my QNAP box. Internally I have reserved for the box and the software (Plex server) uses port 32400. Within my network I can type: to access it and it works without problems. So to allow external access I went into Advanced Settings -> Security -> Port Forwarding and manually entered settings for internal/external to start/end at 32400 for the IP address and set it as both (UDP and TCP). However, whenever I type in my external ip address: (with or without /web) I get timed out. Using multiple websites to check the port they all report the port being closed, so it seems that the router is not opening the port.


I also have UPnP enabled and interestingly I can see that the QNAP device must have requested access to the port because I can see separate entries for UDP and TCP that says, "Automatically added by UPnP".



Am I missing something else? Does Virgin block ports at the ISP level?

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