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Offline again at midnight once again

Dialled in

Here we go again sadly
Internet is cutting out every night at midnight/ 12:30 in the morning

no issues in my area, and internet checks all fine. any explanation ?


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Yep, happened all this week.

What does the service page say? Bugger all, no issues detected, that is assuming i can even get the VM website to load even from using a separate mobile connection.

Even now im stuck with 'partial' connectivity because the second i turn my VPN off then i can't connect to mumble/discord, some websites and games. Thats even after a router reboot.

If its maintenance then they should just say its maintenance...It really isn't hard. Up Liverpool way for what its worth.

Tuning in

Same here, been happening the past few nights around the same time each time. DownDetector shows a huge spike so it must be hitting a lot of people, people on Twitter and on here mentioning it also seem to be all across the country so it's not a local issue either. The broadband monitor I've got set up on Thinkbroadband shows the connection dropping anywhere from midnight to 1am every night since the 13th.

Weirdly, it doesn't seem to drop every website, since I'm still able to search on Google and can watch YouTube videos no problem. I was on a Discord call while on a game the other night and both myself and one of the guys I was on with started getting distorted audio on the call, and ended up dropping from the game connection. Connecting to a VPN totally sorted the issue for me for some reason.

I'd have thought it was a DNS issue, but I'm using the Cloudflare DNS servers, so I doubt that's it since I shouldn't be getting anything from Virgin's DNS servers at all. It's getting pretty irritating at this point though, and I've got no doubt that if I phone up Virgin, they're going to be adamant that it's because the router is in modem mode, even though that's clearly not the issue.

Fibre optic


And here....!!

Dialled in

down again tonight, any staff want to chime in?

Tuning in

EDIT - nm, apparently I subscribed to the wrong thread

Hi moonies,

Thank you for you post. I'm very sorry to hear about broadband issues you've been having. 

I would like look into this for you to see what we can do to help. 

I will private message you to get your details.