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Offline again at midnight once again

Dialled in

Here we go again sadly
Internet is cutting out every night at midnight/ 12:30 in the morning

no issues in my area, and internet checks all fine. any explanation ?


Up to speed

The exact same thing has been happening to us too. For the past couple of nights, exactly around midnight, speeds drops to ridiculously low levels.

The fact that this happens at a specific time makes me wonder what nefarious things the company are up to? 

Lil-Squabbit is soooooo NOT amused!!!!

Joining in

Same issue for me, happened a few times previously but they were weeks apart. Now, the past 2 days, as soon as midnight hits, everything in my house loses connection and Virgins help system claims there's 'Wifi Interference' on all devices.

yup, its getting extremely tiresome at this point. gotta drop what im doing every night for the drop out so i don't get banned in video games for "leaving/disconnecting" from them and all my mates sat there waiting for me to come back. nightmare.

wouldn't believe its your devices for a second. its deffo VM cutting cables for fun

Tuning in

Same here two nights in a row seems to be effecting certain routes cant connect to most web sites but steam messenger continues to work 

And its back.

Came to see if anyone had mentioned this, been having the same issue, Reading area. 2 of the guys I play with are up north, near Bolton and also have the same issue at the same time....

Tuning in

Yep, I've had the same issue for the past 4 nights.  Guaranteed to stop working at midnight. 

Getting pretty tired of it 😕

On our wavelength

Its happening to me too in Leeds and one of my friends who lives in Liverpool had the same issue at the same time. It has been an issue for almost a week now and its not my area considering my friend has the same issues. A few nights ago we had 4 of us on discord all using VM spread across the UK and we all had the same issue with disconnecting from ganes and discord over and over at this time for 10-15 mintutes before it fixed itself.


I think its some sort of DNS issue that virgin is having at midngiht that they need to fix .