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Obatining fibre in my area

Hi there I have lived at my current property at [MOD EDIT: REMOVED] for 4 years now and Myself and my neighbours are sick to death of poor slow speeds and connections being only on standard lines.

There is a large group of residents on the street with interest to get fibre into the street so we have decided to try see what is In the plans or what can be done for us. I have registered the area on cablemystreet so many times and have not heard anything back. 

Finally I bring this more forward to attention as in the close area there is qlot of fibre works being done at locations around us and a new build estate less that 200m's away and they all now have access to fibre yet we don't..

Please if there is anything possibly to make this possibly can we please get the ball mlving.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Obatining fibre in my area

Please remove your address from the public forum.

Also it depends on cost of installation vs customer return. Wayleaves cost in excess of £10k each, and actually running/installing the fibre can costs tens or hundreds of thousands on top.

Plus they require permission from the local authorities to build on, if it’s a private estate then there’s additional further complications and so on. 

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