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Nothing works!

Dialled in

Think this is a network issue…if not, please advise…

So, after months of wifi issues, I finally got my service sorted out, and it’s been great, until yesterday…

they are replacing the streetlights outside and pulled the cables loose from the catv box right outside! They lifted the cover and saw loose cables but there were rumblings about the grate shouldn’t have been opened (then said it was buried too shallow) they shut the grate again

the men that did it said they had called Virgin, someone would be out to reconnect it, within an hour…this was 11.20 yesterday…still waiting and no one in faults will accept anything needs done? 

The only thing that seems to be working is my landline (so maybe all the cables haven’t all been stretched apart and broken.) my hub has a white light in the bottom corner, none of the boxes are connecting to wifi though, none of the pods are working, all flashing green and blue, no echoes, plugs, phones or laptops are connecting either as their is no wifi…my security system isn’t working either!! faults though say the hub is working it’s not flashing.  3 different people in faults (I have their names) said there wasn’t an issue, 2 of them tell me to hang up, switch my hob off and on and they’ll call back….still waiting (can’t believe I fell for it TWICE!)

what do I need to do to get my system up and running again asap?  I’m working from home this week and have been using my mobile data for a hotspot but that’s nearly used up, 

Hubby is actually threatening go out and pull all the cables out in the street, he’s about had enough of this all!!



Call 0800 561 0061 and see if there is a known issue in your street.
If there is, VM are already onto the outage.
If not, call 0345 454 1111 & report that your internet / TV services have failed.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Faerie1 thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Sorry to hear of you've had full loss of service.  And sorry for any inconvenience this may cause your household.  We've had a check from our side. Everything looks to be as it should be.  Are you able to confirm this? For future reference, you may wish to check here for any possible faults in the area.  You can also book a technician via that link if needed.  Alternatively, you can call our service status telephone number on 0800 561 0061. Because the number gives a more localised response, it can very often give a different response to the service status page.



Thanks for the reply, although I phoned and spoke to faults 3 times who said there was nothing wrong but admitted seeing the stbs wouldn’t connect…an engineer came out, he opened the grate and the wires for my address weren’t connected (as I told faults 3 times!!!) he added a new connection, the new super hub I have had for 4 weeks wouldn’t connect though, that had to be replaced, but yeah, there weren’t any faults!!

thanks for your reply though

Thanks for the update @Faerie1 on the forums, 

I'm glad the engineer has been able to assist and get this sorted out.
May I ask how the connection has been since?
Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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the connection seems fine now, thanks